When did you become a fan of the Chicago Bears?

What a time to be a Bears fan! I was sitting back thinking about this past season and what hopefully is a bright future for my favorite team, The Chicago Bears. I thought about the time when I became a Bears fan and reflected on the journey it has been up to this point. It was around the time the Bears drafted Brian Urlacher when I first became a die-hard Bears fan. I remember watching games and the commentators marveled at Urlacher’s speed and his ability to play the entire field. His name also stood out to me and helped me remember him as well. Seeing him make plays really wowed me and I was eager to see him and the Bears play EVERY Sunday.

Basketball is my first love but coming from a family that was huge on Chicago sports, I had been exposed to the history of the Bears, but as I was growing more into a football fan, I realized the number of great players who played for the team. Urlacher by nature of the position he played, was always mentioned with Bear greats like Butkus and Singletary and was without a doubt the face and leader of the Bears for many years. He was also a very likable guy, someone who even if they were not a fan of the Bears, could cheer for.

Following in the footsteps are players like Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith. Both are athletic marvels and make the kind of plays similar to Urlacher. Mack is the leader of this defense that has a ton of talent. He provides the Bears with a player the Bears have never seen before. His ability to play with his hand in the ground or standing up allows him to be used in a variety of ways. Roquan Smith has the potential to be the next great inside linebacker for the Bears! Possessing great speed and instincts, he seems to be near the ball every time a tackle is made.

This combo kind of brings back memories of the time Urlacher and Briggs teamed up and I wanted to spotlight Lance Briggs a bit. Briggs played 12 years for the Bears. He was selected to the pro bowl seven years and once voted All-Pro once. While Urlacher got most of the recognition, Briggs was the 1A. The thing that made them a great tandem is that they did not care about who the face was, the respect was mutual and they played for each other!


Thinking back on your own early introduction to the Chicago Bears, what player or moment in Bears history was the one that turned you into a Bears fan for life?




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