Rookie of the Year race is going down to the Wire

For most of the season, it seemed like a forgone conclusion that Luka Doncic from the Mavericks would win the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Making the transition look very easy and becoming one of the NBA’s youngest stars right away. But over the last month, Trae Young has caught fire and has to garner serious consideration for the NBA’s best new comer.

Since the All-Star break, young has averaged 32 points, 9.5 assist and four rebounds on 48% from the field and a crazy 51% from three! He’s had some crazy games which included a 36 point, eight assist game against Houston and the quadruple overtime game against the Bulls where he poured in 49 points and dished out 16 assist! Young has taken his game to the next level and he’s done so with core pieces out.

What makes this race interesting is Young and Doncic were traded for each other on draft night and will be linked together for the rest of their careers. It’s going to be fun seeing these two perform down the stretch!


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