Bears v Bills reactions

Two wins in a row for the Chicago Bears! I have to admit, after seeing the ways the Bills played against New England , I was a bit worried  coming into this game. The defense stepped up big time scoring two touchdowns and putting on a dominant display. The offense didn’t do great but the Bills do have a talented defense so I won’t fault them a whole lot. Let’s jump right into the specifics from the game.

What I liked

The defense found their groove in this game. They seemed to get rolling against the Jets the previous week but against Buffalo, they feasted! Two touchdowns, three interceptions and a fumble recovery all from the Bears D in this game. They came up huge! All of this again without Mack!

With Khalil Mack missing his second game, the other players on the defense are continuing to step up. Leonard Floyd looked very good at getting pressure and even scored on a pick six. He did not record a sack but he seems motivated after being called out by the coaching staff a few weeks back.

Anthony Miller is starting to emerge as the Bears top receiver. With Robinson out, Miller is starting to receive more looks from Trubisky. He’s had 13 targets this week and last, the most on the team and he’s starting to develop a nice rapport with Trubisky.

What I didn’t like

Run game took a bit of a step back. This was expected but once the game looked to be out of hand, the Bears still looked to pass the ball. As a result, Mitch threw a horrible interception when the game was in control. This time it did not hurt them but down the stretch, I hope they can focus on running the ball and burning clock. We won’t play teams like Buffalo every week.

What I hope to see going forward

Getting into the most important part of the schedule, the division games. I would like to see the Bears take that next step and assert themselves. They control their destiny and it would be good to see them play with some urgency in these upcoming games. I’m confident that they will, they look like a team that is focused and that shows that the coaching staff has been preparing them very well!

I would like to see Mitch take another step as well. He still makes mistakes due to his lack of experience but the arrow is trending up for him. On the opening drive of the Bills game, the Bears found themselves in position to get at least a field goal. On third down, instead of throwing the ball away, he took a sack and fumbled. Luckily the Bears were able to land on the loose ball but had to punt. With games against the Lions and Vikings, plays like that will be very crucial!



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