MVP and Rookie of the Year rankings (through week 6)


1 Tom Brady

Tom Brady got a signature win against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs this past week and looked very sharp. It was a great game and a potential match up that we may see again in the postseason. As I alluded too in my previous post, Brady has his weapons back and now I feel bad for their upcoming opponents.

2 Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

Mahomes almost pulled out the victory in New England against Tom Brady but the young gun lost this match up. After struggling early and throwing two interceptions, Mahomes settled in and had a very good game. He’s young but plays with the poise of a veteran. For those who doubted Mahomes, this was a very impressive showing for the young Quarterback.

3 Todd Gurley, Running-back, Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have a plethora of weapons, the best one has to be Todd Gurley. He rushed for 208 yards and scored three times against the Broncos on the road. He’s been a stud this season and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

Drew Brees, Quarterback, New Orleans Saints

Brees had the week off.

5 Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback Green Bay Packers

Rodgers showed why he is one of the best QB’s in the NFL with a clutch performance against the 49ers on Monday Night Football. Rodgers displayed his pinpoint accuracy on the games final drive which set up Mason Crosby to seal the deal with the game winning kick.

Rookie of the Year


1 Saquon Barkley, Running back, New York Giants

Barkley had  his best game of the season against the Eagles. All for naught though as the Giants dropped to 1-5 on the season. Barkely has been the best rookie by far on offense and the Giants need to do more to help him out.

2 Sam Darnold, Quarterback, New York Jets

Sam Darnold continues to impress as the starting Quarterback of the Jets.Though a little turnover prone, he is making all the right plays and helping the Jets win games.

3. Sony Michel Running back, New England Patriots

Sony Michel has taken over as the lead back in the Patriots backfield and gives the Patriots a consistent option in the run game. He has done a great job of finding holes and using his speed to get to the second level.


1. Derwin James, Safety, Los Angeles Chargers

Derwin James is starting to assert himself as a play maker many thought he would be coming out of Florida State. He can play all over the field and continues to flash for the improving Chargers defense.

2. Denzel Ward, Corner back, Cleveland Browns

Ward has taken a slight step back but has still played well. Still one of the best rookies on the defensive side of the ball this season

3 Darius Leonard, Linebacker, Indianapolis Colts

Darius Leonard leads all rookies in tackles and sits currently at number one among all defensive players in the NFL.


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