Bears v Tampa Bay reactions

So yea, still kind of soaking up the victory from yesterday but I wanted to give a brief reaction to the events that took place from the Bears dominant win over Tampa Bay.

So first things first, Mitch played amazing! I’m interested to see what the media in Chicago says after the performance. Now, Mitch isn’t in the clear but he may a step closer to winning over his some of his doubters and those who questioned if he was indeed the guy for the Bears. Let’s take a look at what I liked (there was a lot)

What I liked

Coach Matt Nagy scaling the offense back and taking advantage of Trubisky’s skills. I thought this was a very good sign from the Head Coach. It would be easy to be stubborn and continue throwing a complex offense on Mitch and the guys and just chalk it up to them not executing. Coach Nagy was very self-aware in realizing this and simplifying the offense. He seems to have a better feel of how to utilize the weapons he has at his disposal. It was great to see Burton and Gabriel have big games and they were signed in the offseason.

Tarik Cohen being unleashed was something many expected with the hire of Coach Nagy and that Cohen fit the mold of a play similar to Tyreek Hill for Kansas City. This game was not only Trubisky’s best outing but Cohen’s as well. Cohen finished with 174 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. Hoping to see many more performances like the one against Tampa Bay from Cohen.

The Defense continues to stay hungry. The offense clearly stole the show this game but let’s not let it overshadow the performance from the Bears defense. Four sacks, seven tackles for loss and three interceptions. This unit is on pace to set some records this season as they continue to be a thorn in the side of opposing offenses.

What I didn’t like

Akeim Hicks getting ejected and possibly suspended. In the heat of the moment, it’s tough to really blame someone for a rash decision. A veteran like Hicks should know better. While it did not hurt the Bears in this game, his ejection could have big ramifications in the future if he is indeed suspended. I hope he learns from this because he is a very important player for the Bears on defense.

After a game like this, the Bears would be going into their bye week. I hope the time off doesn’t upset the rhythm.

What I hope to see going forward

More performances like this one, that’s it!

Until next time Bears fans!


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