Bears v Cardinal reactions

Been a while since Chicago has been over .500 in the season but after week three, that is right where they stand at 2-1 and now first place in the NFC North!

The Bears won in ugly fashion but found a way to pull out the win in Arizona. The offense and defense got off to slow starts and would’ve been kicking themselves had this game gotten away from them.

What I liked

The defense yet again made big plays forcing four turnovers. Without them, this game would’ve have been a tough loss for the Bears.

The interceptions. A lot was said this offseason about the lack of interceptions from the defensive backs of the Chicago Bears but two weeks in a row, the defensive backs forced interceptions. Three of them to be exact. There would’ve been a fourth one but an offside penalty wiped it out.

 What I didn’t like

The offense still looks a bit shaky. Trubisky seems to be getting locked on his first read and not going through his progressions. There were two plays I remember where he missed open guys and tried to force a long pass to guys who were covered.

Slow starts. If there Bears want to take that next step, they can’t have slow starts. They won’t play many other teams like the Cardinals so they will have to do a better job of getting off to better starts.

The injuries. The Bears have been lucky so far avoiding serious injuries but there were two players who suffered injuries in this game. Cornerback Prince Amukamara tweaked his hamstring and rookie receiver, Anthony Miller dislocated his shoulder. Hopefully, these injuries won’t keep the guys out too long. Half the battle is staying healthy.

What I hope to see going forward

I am still a believer in Mitch Trubisky, I just hope he continues to learn from each experience and continue to get better. With the addition of Khalil Mack, expectations have now reached a new level. Bears fans expect to be competitive and make a push for the playoffs, but they still have to be a little patient!

With the injury to Anthony Miller, will Kevin White get a chance to show what he has? I hope that is he able to get involved more in the offense. He and Mitch worked out a lot this offseason, it’s time to see if the work will pay off!



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