Bears v Seattle reaction

In week two, the Bears had a home match up with the Seattle Seahawks. I was interested to see how they would bounce back from the let down against Green Bay. The start of the game was similar to Green Bay as the defense set the tone early, with a tremendous amount of pressure on Russell Wilson. The offense scored on their first drive but they struggled and turned the ball over twice on interceptions. Khalil Mack was impactful yet again generating another strip sack and just being someone that teams have to account for. Seattle tried slowing Mach down by chipping him with a tight end but Mack was still able to give the Seattle offensive line trouble. The Bears dominated the first half, but in the second half, the game started to look a lot like the Green Bay game. Seattle found a rhythm on offense and cut the lead down to a one-score game in the fourth quarter. The Bears were forced to punt and Seattle had a chance to tie the game. Then the Bears forced two turnovers, one by interception which was returned by Prince Amukamara and a fumble forced by Danny Trevathan. I was satisfied with the win but there are plenty of things that the Bears need to improve on going forward.

What I liked

Matt Nagy learned from week one and kept the play calling simple. He ran it on obvious running downs and that led to good game flow. I also liked how Mitch had a lot of quick throws and easy reads. He looked very confident in most of his throws and I thought they had a good game plan to attack Seattle throughout.

The defense stepped up big in a situation where things could’ve ended like they did in Green Bay. Holding a seven-point lead with Seattle possessing the ball, Cornerback, Prince Amukamara made the play of the game intercepting Russell Wilson and returning it for a touchdown. The Bears defense was solid last season but a weak area for them was generating turnovers, especially by interception. It was good to see the defensive backs come up huge, especially after the drop interception by Fuller last week. The next possession, the Bears Defense forced a fumble and all but put the game away for good.

I like the chemistry between Allen Robinson and Mitch Trubisky. One thing I was worried about going into the season was how the two would work out seeing that their time together was limited with Robinson still recovering from his ACL injury. That should be an afterthought after last nights game. Robinson looks like the reliable target he was in Jacksonville and should continue to get better as the season goes along.

What I did not like

Trubisky threw two interceptions and probably should’ve had another one in the red zone that was batted down. A few things are clear when watching Trubisky play right now. One, he still is learning this offense and figuring out how to attack the defense. Two, he’s trying to make the splash play instead of taking the safe throw. Much was said about the screenshot where Trubisky missed what looked to be a wide open Trey Burton in the end zone against Green Bay. Mitch just has to go out there and continue to play, tune out the noise from the media and fans.

Kyle Fuller seems to have taken a step back. He was beaten again for a long touchdown and I’m starting to get a little concerned at this point. After having a solid year last season, he seems to be showing flashes of being a guy that opposing teams are looking to exploit. Hopefully, that’s not the case and he turns it around.

Utilizing Tarik Cohen has not been smooth in Matt Nagy’s offense so far to start the season. One of the players everyone was excited about who many thought would thrive in this offense was Tarik Cohen. So far returns have been minimal. He is not doing much in the run game(nine attempts for 33 yards) and there have been no big plays for him receiving(four catches for 33 yards). Jordan Howard(8) has more receptions that Cohen(4) so far this season, from

What I hope to see going forward

More Anthony Miller, please! I really like the rookie receiver out of Memphis and he exudes a ton of confidence. He has exceptional hands and is a savvy route runner. I am hoping he and Mitch can develop the type of chemistry all of the great duos in the NFL have had, it could be really special.

Utilizing Cohen more effectively. He is a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. It’s still early but I hope the Bears can start to utilize Cohen more and take advantage of his skill set.




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