Packers v Bears reactions

So much anticipation was built for this game. With all the moves made in the offseason by the Chicago Bears, I know many in Chicago felt this may be the year where we knock off Green Bay. The scales seemed to tip when the Bears traded for All-Pro pass rusher, Khalil Mack and for a half, things looked bright.

To start the game, the Bears got off to a quick start. Forcing a punt and scoring on their first possession in what was an impressive drive. Led by second-year Quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, the bears drove 86 yards on 10 plays to take a 7-0 lead.

The Second half came and Aaron Rodgers returned to the game and the Bears didn’t have the same energy that they had in the first half and the Packers completed a miraculous comeback. I’ll go over some thoughts on things that I liked, things I didn’t and what I hope to see going forward from the Chicago Bears.

What I liked

I liked that the Bears are now employing a modern offense. Last night, I felt confident in the offense and while not entirely sure of what to expect, I now believe they have the scheme and the players to move the ball this year effectively.

I also liked the defense. Coming in, the pass rush for the Bears was criticized and although they faltered late, the Bears pass rush will definitely play a factor this year. Khalil Mack is a stud, Akeim Hicks is very underrated and the Bears have an emerging star in Roy Robertson-Harris.

What I didn’t like

I did not like that the Bears got cute on short yardage situations. I do feel there is a need for it but when it comes to finishing games, you need to keep it simple. The Bears did not do that and that is why many drives in the second half fizzled out. Jordan Howard is a very good runner and should be able to get you those yards when you need them. Trust him!

The defensive backs struggled to make plays once again. The beneficiaries of the Khalil Mack trade, in my opinion, had to the defensive backs. Chicago has had issues converting interceptions and one way to improve on that was getting someone who can force hurried throws. Even in the fourth quarter, Fuller had an interception that would’ve won the game hand delivered to him and he dropped it.

What I hope to see going forward

When you have leads in the NFL, you have to do everything you can to protect them. That means playing complimentary football. In the second half the Bears got off to a good start by scoring with their first possession but, they seemed to want to do some extra things on offense that were not needed that ultimately hurt them. I would like to see them try to run the ball more and control the pace of the game once they have a lead. That is honestly what got them the lead in the first half of the game.

I was very disappointed early in the offseason when first-round draft pick, Roquan Smith held out. I thought he would be able to come in a make a huge impact right away but that has been slowed because he got to camp late. Last night we saw flashes of what he brings to the table. One area where he could’ve been used greatly would have been in coverage. Once he gets more practice time, Smith needs to be out there in critical pass situations.

What did you think about the game?





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