Is it time to start trusting Gar Forman and John Paxson?

The expectations for the Chicago Bulls seem to be changing with some additions and re-signings this offseason. The Chicago Bulls have quietly built a team full of young talent. Drafting Wendell Carter Jr and Chandler Hutchinson, matching the offer sheet for Zach Lavine, keeping him in Chicago and the most recent signing of Jabari Parker.

This Bulls roster looks drastically different from when Hoiberg was first hired and I am interested to see the growth that takes place. Chicago now has plenty of versatility up and down their roster while also leaving them with the flexibility to be players in the upcoming offseason in free agency.

In years past, the front office has taken a lot of criticism when it came to building a roster. Playing it safe in the draft and in free agency left past Bulls team void of talent and star power. Now, they’ve seemed to get the message but have stayed true to their philosophies while acquiring players that are young, athletic, talented and versatile. Still, no real superstars, yet and that may present another problem down the road. Building through the draft seems to be the way to go right now for The Chicago Bulls. Since starting the rebuild, things seem to be trending in the right direction for Chicago.

Is it time to start trusting and believing in Gar/Pax?


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