Should The Atlanta Hawks be worried about Trae Young?

To say that Trae Young’s summer league has been a bumpy ride would be an understatement. The number five pick from this year’s draft has not looked comfortable in his first piece of NBA action so far this summer. Should the Hawks be worried?

I say no, Trae Young will be a good NBA player. Will he be as dynamic as he was in his lone year at Oklahoma? That will have to be revisited at a later date.

The real issue with Trae Young right now is he is trying to find his way. What worked for him in college is not working for him right now. Obviously, he is playing better competition and the offense is not built around him like it was at Oklahoma. The real concerning issue for me is his shooting. Through three games, Young has shot 23% from the field and 13% from three! I expect those numbers to improve because Young is a better shooter than this. The biggest gripe I have with Young is his shot selection. We know he has great range but at times, the shots he takes are puzzling to me. Just coming down and shooting 35 footers will not help him or his team. He needs to find a rhythm and take better shots in the flow of the offense.

It hasn’t been all bad though for Young. What I’ve been impressed with the most is his ability to play through adversity. That is big for a player at this stage in his development. He continues to play the same despite his shooting struggles and that is good. His ability to get into the lane and find his teammates has been solid as well.

This experience is good for Young and the other rookies. The learning curve to becoming a professional athlete is very tough for some players, he just needs some time. He will be ready once he plays his first official NBA game!



  1. Nice!!! I agree, he will be a good player and there’s lots of players that have bad summer leagues so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.


  2. I am not really a sporty person but I did find this a very interesting read. As soon as he finds his feet hell be good again just wait


  3. It’s really hard to be there and do that in the summer league and truly gage what the value of a player will be. Sometimes it takes til year two to get it. Definitely after a year of practice and year of understanding what an NBA game really looks like.

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  4. Many players go through transitions as they enter the league. For some it takes longer, with solid coaching and a team that plays to his strengths he will bounce back and do numbers!

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