The Rise of The Phoenix Suns

I’m excited to see the development of the Phoenix Suns! With Devin Booker as their franchise player and their haul from the draft, they’ve put themselves in position to expedite their rebuild and finally make a push for the post-season.

Every move that was made during the draft was to ensure that Booker had players who would not only help him take his game to the next level but also lessen the load that he has to face nightly. Let’s go over some of the moves in detail.

Drafting Deandre Ayton

Depending on who you ask, many people thought the best players from the draft were either, Ayton, Bagley, or Luka Doncic. Now considering the Suns liked each of those three players, the best fit without question was Ayton. After playing at Arizona and being basically in the Sun’s backyard, Ayton and Booker developed some rapport and had a communication here and there. One thing that is drastically overlooked in today’s game is chemistry. It seems that Ayton and Booker have some already and that bodes well for their future as teammates in Phoenix.

The acquisition of Mikal Bridges.

After selecting Josh Jackson last summer, the Phoenix Suns add another wing to their roster. Mikal Bridges is perfect in that he’s a player who is talented but can play a defined role and will do so for the benefit of the team. Another good character guy who has the tools for the modern-day NBA. Long, athletic, solid shooter from outside. All the top teams in the NBA have a guy similar to Mikal Bridges. How he helps Booker is that he can allow him to play a weaker opponent on defense to preserve his energy for offense. He will also be an outlet for Booker when teams load up on him, it’s now on him to be that threat to make teams think twice about that now.

The selection of Elie Okobo

Elie Okobo was selected in the second round but he could be the key going forward. Brandon Knight is still there, early on Okobo may see limited minutes but unless they sign a big-time Point Guard in free agency, Okobo’s development should be interesting to watch. He’s a dynamic Point Guard who can contribute in a vast amount of ways. His main strength is his ability to score but also has great potential as a playmaker.

*Bonus* The Hiring of Igor Kokoskov

The guy tasked with making it all work. Igor Kokoskov has been an assistant in the NBA for 18 years, with his last stint with Utah. He led the Slovenian national team to the Gold Medal in The FIBA Eurobasket tournament in 2017, where he coached Luka Doncic. With the experience, I believe that Kokoskov will bring a fresh new energy to the Suns and will utilize the talent that he accumulates.

If you don’t have a team to cheer for or you’re looking for the next young team destined to make a splash, keep an eye on the Phoenix Suns!



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