My NBA Awards Selections

Ahead of the NBA Awards ceremony, I wanted to go over my picks for this year’s awards. Let’s get to it.

Sixth Man of the Year

Lou Williams, Los Angeles Clippers

Lou Williams earns my selection for Sixth Man of the Year. He had a fabulous year averaging a career-high in points and assist. I felt he should have been an All-Star with his performance this year which included a 50 point explosion against The Golden State Warriors. This would be his second time winning if he is selected.

Other Nominees: Eric Gordon, Fred VanFleet

Most Improved Player

Victor Oladipo, Indiana Pacers

After being traded in the off-season, Oladipo worked hard on his game and the results showed this past season as he led the Pacers to a playoff berth and took the Cleveland Cavaliers to seven games in the first round of the playoffs. Not only did Oladipo finish as the NBA’s steals leader, he also averaged career highs in points, assist, rebounds, 3-pt percentage, and field goal percentage. He’s found a nice fit as Indiana’s new leader.

Other Nominees: Spencer Dinwiddie, Clint Capela

Defensive Player of the Year

Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz

The most important player for the Jazz on the defensive side of the ball is Rudy Gobert. With him back in the lineup, the Jazz went 31-17 and was one of the toughest teams to score against.

Nominees: Anthony Davis, Joel Embiid

Coach of the Year

Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics

It’s a really tight race for this season’s best Coach but I’m sticking with the guy I’ve had all year long, Brad Stevens. After losing their prized free-agent signing in Gordon Hayward, many thought their shot at a championship went away. When Kyrie Irving was lost for the rest of season, many question whether they could win a playoff series. Despite all that, Brad Stevens and The Celtics came one game away from making the NBA Finals. The future is bright for Boston with Stevens at the helm.

Other Nominees: Dwane Casey, Quin Snyder

Rookie of the Year

Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz

Donovan Mitchell had a great year for Utah. He seemingly came out of nowhere and looks like he will be a franchise player for Utah and a perennial All-Star. His play in the playoffs was impressive too as he and the Jazz defeated the big three in Oklahoma City.

Other Nominees: Ben Simmons, Jayson Taytum

Most Valuable Player

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

What else can be said, the guy is just productive. Despite playing with one the weaker rosters in some time, LeBron still found a way to outlast everyone in the East and make yet another appearance in the Finals. No matter how you feel about LeBron, you can’t deny that he is playing some of the best basketball that we’ve seen, especially for a player at his age. He continues to set new heights and definitely deserves the honor of being named The NBA MVP.

Other Nominees: James Harden, Anthony Davis

Tune in tonight to see who wins on TNT at 9 PM EST!









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