Houston, we have a problem

Last nights opening game of the Western Conference Final went about as expected for everyone, except the Houston Rockets. James Harden scored a game high 41 points but the depth and talent of Golden State was too much for the Rockets to overcome as they lost by 13.

The biggest takeaway from this game is obvious, the Warriors have more. In order for the Rockets to have a chance they will need the others to step up.

Speaking of the others, here are there stat lines from last night:

Trevor Ariza – eight points, 3/8 from the field, 1/5 from three, five fouls

Eric Gordon – 15 points, 6/13 from the field, 3/7 from three, four turnovers

Luc Mbah a Moute – 0 points, 0/6 from the field, -14 while on court for the Rockets

The Rockets will definitely need more out of these players if they want to make this a competitive series. Also, Houston will need to take better care of the ball. They lost the turnover battle 13-9.  A few times, Houston’s offense faltered and they had two shot clock violations. The Warriors have done a good job of defending well when Harden and Paul isolate.

What adjustments do the Rockets need to make to get back on track in game two?





  1. I dont know much about basketball if I am honest but it sounds like you know all there is to know and I do hope that you the team gets back on track like you hope.

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  2. I’m from the UK but it was interesting to hear about the game and the culture is different but I love it that’s why I like reading new blogs.

    Love Patrice

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