What to expect from Ryan Pace

The NFL draft is a day away and there have been a lot of speculation around what General Manager Ryan Pace and The Bears will do with the 8th pick. Various mock drafts that I’ve seen have slotted the Bears with a pass rusher, offensive lineman, defensive back and receiver. One thing is for sure, this pick will be very important going forward. Pace’s tenure as General Manager has received mixed reviews. There have been clear misses, mainly from free agent signings, but his ability to bring in talent through the draft has provided a glimmer of hope. The jury is still out on Kevin White who needs to show that he can at least stay healthy or be labeled a bust. Leonard Floyd has shown flashes of being dominant but has had his own issues with injuries as well. Trubisky held up and showed flashes of potential, but more polish and development is needed. It’s safe to say that there isn’t some sort of first round curse for Pace, at least not yet. The obvious thing to help justify the trading up for Mitchell Trubisky is to provide him with weapons(which he has done this off-season) and help ensure that his development isn’t impeded.

Many of Pace’s best pick ups have come from rounds after the first. One thing that Pace has done is have a solid plan in place and that has helped his draft classes when he had missteps with first round selections. His plan has worked when it comes to finding talent and starters late in the draft.

Picks outside of First Round for Ryan Pace

Defensive tackle, Eddie Goldman (2nd)

Safety, Adrian Amos(5th)

Center, Cody Whitehair(2nd)

Running back, Jordan Howard(5th)

Safety, Eddie Jackson(4th)

Running back, Tarik Cohen(4th)

Many could suggest that The Bears try to fill a need with 8th pick in the draft. Going from what I’ve seen from Pace in the past, I believe he will go for the best player available, regardless of need. I wish I had more to say on this but at this point, Ryan Pace is tough to read. Stay tuned Bears fans!




  1. I wish to knew what your were talking about hahaha. I love football but I have no idea about the draft. Purely like to watch.


  2. I can honestly say I don’t know anything about football or who these people are. I’m sure it does take very very special skills to find the right person to bring into a team and a whole lot of great negotiating!


  3. Oh so this read was a lil different from the routine ones, though i love the football matches, but was not aware about the draft. Good you shared, I’ll read & watch out more


  4. Im definitely not very knowledgeable about drafts besides the very basic. But i’m always excited about what new prospects and players get traded to the different teams.


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