Andre Ingram: Never stop dreaming

Andre Ingram, the 10-year veteran of the NBA’s G-League story is one that is not only great for sports but for life. How many of you felt hope after hearing about his story? I know I did. While I may never play in the NBA, I believe that if I continue to work hard and stay persistent, I  can accomplish my dreams and you can too.

The story on Ingram is impressive for those not familiar with him but this was by no means a fluke. Yes, he’s spent 10 years in the G-League but he was very productive while there. Throughout his career, Ingram has averaged 10 points per game, shot 46% from three, is the active leader in three-point makes, with a career true shooting percentage of 63%. The numbers show that Ingram can play. His style of play may warrant him to a contract in the NBA with the increased need for shooting and players that can space the floor. If that happens, that would be awe-inspiring and well deserved.

For me though, this performance from Ingram resonates with a theme that I’m sure a lot of people have been hearing this year, “Trust the Process”. Ingram embodies that statement, I mean 10 years in the G-League is a grind. It is not as luxurious or even demands the same respect of playing overseas, but he stuck with it and the persistence paid off. So if anyone is feeling down, take a moment and watch this video of Ingram’s debut and the moment when he found out he would play for the Lakers. Hope it gives you the motivation to continue grinding!


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