The Buzz around sports(Feb. 12)

Hey there! Welcome to another edition of weekly news and updates.


The Chiefs will let longtime linebacker Derrick Johnson enter free agency. Johnson would like to play more seasons in the NFL and will have to do so with a new team.

  • Chiefs are choosing to go in a different direction. With the trade of Alex Smith making way for talented rookie, Patrick Mahomes , this move is shocking to me as Johnson has been the face of the defense. The next roster decision obviously starts at the running back position. The Chiefs are getting their starter from two years ago back. Will there be a committee in Kansas City’s backfield or will they continue to ride Kareem Hunt and use Ware as a change of pace?  I’m interested to see what other changes are made in KC.

The Cubs sign Yu Darvish

  • This move caught me by surprise, not even going to lie. I have not been keeping up with MLB free agency and had no idea the Cubs were even pursuing Darvish. The move puts the Cubs right at the top of the contender list.
  • This signing may also push former Cy Young award winner, Jake Arrieta, out the door as well.

The Utah Jazz remained hot as they came back to beat the San Antonio Spurs for their 10th win in a row.

  • What has gotten into the Jazz? They have won 10 straight and are knocking on the door of the eighth seed in the Western Conference playoff race.
  • Donovan Mitchell is making a strong case for Rookie of the Year. He has been incredible for The Jazz making play after play and coming through for them late in games. He is a true star in the making and has helped Jazz fans cope with the loss of beloved star Gordon Hayward.

17-year-old Chloe Kim won Gold for USA in Snowboarding

  • The Olympics always introduces the World to new stars. The newest star is Chloe Kim. Chloe won The gold medal in the snow board half-pipe.
  • Not a huge fan of the Winter Olympics but there have been some amazing stories and this one caught my eye so I wanted to share it.

Villanova suffers second loss in three games

  • The Wildcats dropped another game to Providence Friars. Villanova is now 23-3 on the season. It looks like their injuries are catching up to them. Once considered one of the deeper teams in college basketball, Coach Jay Wright now finds himself using a rotation of eight players.
  • Villanova is really struggling shooting the ball, they only made three threes as a team and shot 15 % from deep. This is starting to look like a trend for the Cats as they look like a different team offensively.

The Cavs have won two straight after overhauling their roster.

  • Cleveland looks to have gotten the jolt they needed to make a push towards reaching another Finals.
  • The additions of Clarkson, Hill, Hood and Nance Jr. have returned positive results early. They now have beaten two of the top teams in The NBA, a group they’ve struggled with before the trade.

Rondo and Thomas ejected after a scuffle.

  • Isaiah Thomas seems like a target for many in the NBA. Rajon Rondo seemed to take his match-up with IT personal last night as he played Thomas very physical and got involved with Thomas a few times before being ejected.
  • When asked about the altercation, Thomas said he was hit by Rondo three times in the face

Bogdon Bogdanovic won MVP in the Rising Stars game.

  • Bogdon has had a productive rookie season for Sacramento, but I’d be lying if I said I saw this coming with his performance. The rook scored 26 points, dished out six assists and knocked down seven three-pointers to help lead the World team to a 155-124 victory over the US team.
  • Jaylen Brown, from the Celtics, scored 35 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.
  • The Sixers future is definitely bright as they had three players in the Rising Stars game and probably could have had four if Fultz had been healthy. Embiid only played nine minutes as he also will be participated in the All-Star game on Sunday. Simmons had 11 points, 13 assist, and six rebounds. Dario Saric scored 18 and dished out six assists.

The All-Star game was competitive, thanks to a change in format and increased winnings, along with having teams play for a charity of their choice

  • It was good to see a good competitive game with some defense from the NBA’s biggest stars. I had my doubts but The All-Star game is back to the way it’s meant to be and that will only help the league for years to come.
  • Lebron took home MVP honors as his team beat Team Steph’s 148-145. Jimmy Butler did not play as he was resting from illness.
  • I look forward to next year’s edition of the All-Star game as they hopefully televise the draft live, Should add more excitement to the format.

Quite an event week, check back for more news and updates! Have a great week!




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