Gearing up for the 2k League Combine

So Wednesday I won my 50th game in Pro-Am on NBA 2k18 to help me qualify for the combine round which takes place this month. Now, I know my chances are slim with me being new to the Pro-Am game but I figured why not give it a shot right? With my knowledge of the game and skills on 2k, I’ll have a chance to at least get some recognition if I play well and hopefully get on team managers and future managers radar for the future as the league grows.

There has been a lot of discussion about how only “youtubers” will be the ones selected since they have a following and have already been promoting The 2K brand. That might be the case, but many of those involved with the league have stated that skills will matter as opposed to having a following. I don’t consider myself the best but I try to stick to my strengths and fill whatever role is needed. Throughout the month of January I have led my teams in scoring (all 50 wins on walk on by the way) and assist. Now I have an 83 overall two way shot creator but I have played to my strengths and even outplayed higher rated players.

Now I keep referencing my strengths, for those out there interested in what they are (potential team managers), one of my strengths are, high basketball IQ. I always look to make the right play and get the best shot for my team. I try to rotate and help out on defense, I learn my opponents tendencies rather quickly which helps me limit them on the offense. Defense is another strength that I have. In order to win, defense must a priority. For me this was especially frustrating when playing walk-on. The lack of communication and chemistry led to missed assignments and poor rotations. This is something I pride myself in and have improved much more since playing different competition in Pro-Am. I do a good job of showing and recovering to my man and keeping my hands up instead of constantly jumping. My last strength is my unselfishness. Like I said earlier, I’ve led in scoring many games, I’ve led in assist, I’ve had games where I didn’t score but played stellar defense. My goal is to win, and whatever is needed I’ll do that, just give ya boy a chance.

I probably should’ve done this more during the qualifying month of January, but I plan on streaming many of the games that I participate in during the combine. It’ll be good to see how I do and also where I could improve. If you’re interested in checking out my stream, my name is bh_421 on Twitch. Follow me and check out my journey and if you’re also competing in the combine round, good luck to you and see you on the court! Also, comment and let me know what your gamer-tag is so I can be on the look out for you.


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