Golden State Warriors Vs Cleveland Cavaliers Part 3 Tale of the Tape

The match up everyone anticipated since the Cavs won the championship last season is set. Cleveland vs Golden State. Both teams have breezed through the playoffs without much trouble and now with square off in what many consider the tie breaker! I’m going to go through how both teams fared this postseason and share my pick of who will win it all!

Is it really a surprise who the top two teams this post season have been?

Playoff stats (taken from ESPN)

                         Cleveland                                                                       Golden State

Points/gm           116.8(2nd)                                                                         118.3(1st)

Op. Points/gm    103.2(6th)                                                                          102(3rd)

Differential         13.6(2nd)                                                                           16.3(1st)

Field Goal %        .502(2nd)                                                                           .507(1st)

3pt %                     .435(1st)                                                                            .389(4th)

Rebounds/gm       41.6(10th)                                                                         45.8(2nd)

Assist/gm              22.2(6th)                                                                            27.8(1st)

Win/Loss               12-1                                                                                    12-0

Not much separation between the two teams depending on who you ask but it is looking like a matchup for the ages. No excuses this time as both teams come in relatively healthy compared to the past matchups. There is a lot to consider when trying to choose who will come out victorious. Whether you believe that the pace will determine who will have the edge, particular matchups, or which player shows up. There is so much to choose from that I’m having trouble sticking with my first original choice for the winner. With that being said, it is too late for me to change my pick now and I have the Cavs winning in six.

It will be far from easy for the Cavs to repeat but I like the additions to their bench with Korver and Williams and I feel that Lebron has dare I say it, another level and it will all be on display and I don’t think there is anything The Warriors can do to stop him.


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