What’s going to happen to the Chicago Bulls?

So I’m sitting here watching the Bulls get ousted from the playoffs by the Celtics and a ton of thoughts are running through my head. Whats going to happen with Jimmy Butler, Rondo, Wade? Me personally, I would’ve liked if the Bulls had missed the playoffs and found themselves in the lottery. This would be another season where the front office would have to live with the fact that they again put together another flawed roster and delivered false hope to a fed up fan base. Now the Bulls will have the 16th pick in the draft, barring something magical like a trade with the Celtics which I really don’t see that happening. Now I understand that the issues with this team won’t be turned around in one off-season but knowing we could have grabbed an impact player in the lottery would’ve been something to look forward to.

It’s Been frustrating watching the Bulls the past few seasons. They don’t always give their best effort, constant rotation changes, average coaching, locker room drama. Where is the silver lining? I’ve always been a “look on the bright side” kind of fan but I honestly can’t find one. The one thing I will say though is that something needs to happen. The front office needs to develop a plan and stick to it! After trading Rose last season, a day after it was said that the Bulls were looking to become younger and athletic. Cool, then within a week they agree to terms with Rondo and Wade? Huh? Now this is not shade being thrown at Wade or Rondo but this is clearly the opposite of Gar Forman’s plan.This has been by far the most frustrating thing as a Bulls fan. The front office has no sense of what direction they want to go in. Either rebuild from the ground up or develop a new core group of guys. Until they decide what that direction is, the Bulls will be stuck in a spot they’ve found them the past few years, right in the middle! As a Bulls fan, what would you like to see happen?



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